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In this article I would like to address some of the more common Office / Microsoft 365 issues we get asked.

What is Office / Microsoft 365 used for?

Microsoft 365 is our Microsoft’s cloud-powered productivity platform.
With a subscription to Microsoft 365, you can get: The latest productivity apps, such as Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and much more.
Certain version of give you the ability to install Office on PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones and some versions offer ONLINE only versions of office, accessed via a web browser.
Some versions of Micrsoft 365 include cloud storage where you can store your documents and mail in the cloud providing you with major advantages over storing the data locally.
Office / Microsoft 365 also includes the LATEST version of Office so you are always up to date when you use the subscription service.

Can I still get Microsoft Office for free?

Yes, you can register for a Microsoft 365 free ONLINE version at https://www.microsoft.com/en-za/microsoft-365/free-office-online-for-the-web.
This version is an ONLINE only version meaning you require a browser to access it and it is not installed locally on your device.
It also doesn’t include the added benefits of the paid subscription as online storage is very limited and access is only to Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Do you have to renew Office 365 every year?

Office / Microsoft 365 is a subscription services and has 2 main renewal options: Annual and Monthly.

Does Office 365 include Windows?

Microsoft has rebranded Office 365 to Microsoft 365 and now has added additional options to the suite.
You can now INCLUDE a windows license into your Micrsoft 365 account, depending on your product subscription.
Some licenses DO NOT include Windows licenses and some do.

Does office 365 work on mac?

Yes, it works very well and we even recommend using Microsoft’s version of Outlook instead of Mac Mail when connecting to a Microsoft 365 mailbox.

When did office 365 become Microsoft 365?

On April 21, 2020, Office 365 was rebranded as Microsoft 365, to emphasize the service’s current inclusion of products and services beyond the core Microsoft Office software family (including cloud-based productivity tools and artificial intelligence features).

What happens if I stop using Microsoft 365?

If you decide not to buy Microsoft 365, you can let your trial expire or cancel your subscription. Any data that you want to keep will need to be backed up. After the 30-day Expired stage ends, your trial account information and data are permanently deleted.
We can assist you in backing up your data within the 30 days period to ensure any valuable data is kept safe but for security reasons Microsoft will remove all your data from their servers.

Do I use the same Microsoft subscription for my users?

No, we assess the roles of every user to optimize the license structure and manage costs effectively.
Some users might be mobile only users and hence require only a mailbox.
Some users will require the full office suite as well as cloud storage and security solutions etc. which would be a more expensive subscription.
Digital Horizon will audit your user’s and recommend a licensing model PER USER to reduce costs and optimize the license requirements.

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